"Disarming the Addict - Empowering the Family"


It is our vision and mission to not only rehabilitate the Addict, but to empower him/her to be integrated back into society. Statistic show that most addicts suffer from severe low self esteem and this is conducive to them relapsing once they are out in society again.

Normal every day occurrences appear to be overwhelming and they become self absorbed and easily slip back into old habits again.

In keeping with this Mission, a work Program is  instituted and runs parallel to all group sessions and counseling as an integral piece of the puzzle so necessary to HEAL the addict.


Our Program

Restoration Program,
3 Month, in patient.

Our program is Christian principle based but not limited to persons of the Christian Faith.

This is a “working” program - Resident are expected to assist with farming and other projects.

Working from a Christian perspective, we are committed to creating an environment of truth and safety, enabling each client to expose the roots and reasons beneath their destructive life cycles, whilst helping them to recognize their personal needs before we establish the internal resources required to live without the destruction.

We are also fortunate to be able to offer a “halfway House” facility for those that have completed the program but that are unable to return to their family homes/environments.

Don't Look down on anyone unless you are prepared to help them up"

“South Africa is in the grip of a substance abuse pandemic that is corroding the very fabric of our society, and without immediate action the future of our country, and in particular, our youth, is bleak.”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

An estimated 208 million people internationally consume illegal drugs.